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Marketing a Blended Desk, Part 1 - WHY?

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Bob Marshall two-part series: Marketing a Blended Desk

This is a desk that combines direct hire (the foundation of a recruitment desk) with contract staffing (the foundation of a contract staffing operation) with the added bonus of contract-to-direct conversions!

In Part I, Bob will discuss WHY:

  • Working a blended desk makes sense.
  • It is important for recruiters to add the staffing arrow to the quivers of products and services they offer to their current clients.
  • It is important for recruiters to use everything at their disposal to become more profitable while adding negligible business expense to their balance sheet.

In closing, Bob will talk about facing the “elephant in the room,” the “dreaded back –office,” sharing the best workaround for this seemingly insurmountable dilemma.


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